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Welcome to Marquis Labradors. Located in beautiful North Georgia, I have dedicated my future to providing families with impeccably bred fox red Labrador Retrievers. My dogs are genetically tested to ensure that they will not be affected by diseases typical to the breed. They also have OFA clearance for hips, elbows, cardiac, patellas and dentition.  I fell in love with the Labrador Retriever as a young girl and finally had the opportunity to follow my dreams five years ago.  I have been mentored by my dear friend Tammy who owns Horizon Labradors. She taught me the ins and outs and has helped me every step of the way. My obsession with the fox red color began when Tammy blessed me with my precious CC. She is the reason I have decided to focus solely on the fox red color at this time. I am fortunate to be partnering with one of the biggest names in the fox red world, Red Diamond Labradors out of Humboldt, Kansas. I look forward to what the future holds and thank each of you for stopping by Marquis Labradors. *Please understand that fox red is simply the darkest shade of yellow and our puppies are AKC registered as yellow.